What can you do to benefit your health and wellbeing this World Health Day? Each year World Health Day aims to raise awareness of global health issues and ways in which we can all strive for healthier living. What are the health issues that matter to you?

You might want to raise awareness of a routine you keep to stay fit, a health issue that you or a family member struggles with, or even one that you have overcome. World Health Day is a great opportunity to focus on the things that matter – physical health, mental health, and above all, recognising what helps you to stay feeling good.  

At PAPYRUS we know that suicide is a huge community health issue which takes thousands of lives across the UK and beyond each year. Suicide can affect anyone, in any community, at any age and from all walks of life. This is why it’s so important to make sure we all know what to do if someone is struggling with thoughts of suicide. At PAPYRUS we strive to raise awareness of suicide, and to help to increase people’s confidence in speaking about suicide in any situation – whether that’s asking for help with thoughts of suicide or to offer someone else some support. We do this through awareness campaigns, training, fundraising and much more. The more we talk, the more we smash the stigma around suicide. We’re always looking for more people who want to get involved, spread our message and help to save young lives.

How you can help:

So, how can you spread the message about suicide prevention?

  • If you’re on social media, mention us in a tweet, share our Facebook posts or like us on Instagram.
  • Talk to family, friends or co-workers about what you can do to get involved or raise awareness of suicide prevention, or contact our team for more suggestions.
  • Attend a PAPYRUS training session to increase your awareness and skills in supporting someone who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.
  • Any support that you can offer helps to raise awareness and save young lives.

If I’m struggling with thoughts of suicide:

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide you can contact HOPELINE247 for advice on staying safe and support with what you’re going through. If you are concerned about someone else who you suspect may be having thoughts of suicide, you can also contact HOPELINE247 for advice on how to support them.

HOPELINE247 on 0800 068 4141, text 88247 or email pat@papyrus-uk.org

Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday: 9am-10pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 2pm-10pm

Our Suicide Prevention Advisors are here for you. If you need support give us a call.

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