Where can I get help?

Where can I get help?

Where can I get help?

Talking about our fears and feelings is difficult – even to those we know love and care about us. This can prevent other people from recognising distress and being able to help in crisis. Words are often totally inadequate to convey the amount of pain a person may be suffering. It is easy to understand that someone is hurting if they have been badly injured or are physically ill. Emotional pain cannot be seen, but it can be just as unbearable.

It can be hard to know where to start and you may be feeling worried or anxious about reaching out for help and sharing your thoughts of suicide with others and what will happen.


Who can I tell?

It’s really brave to think about opening up and talking about thoughts of suicide. Who is in your life right now who you feel may be able to support you? Below are some ideas of some different people and sources of support you could turn to;

  • Your parents or partner
  • Your GP
  • A teacher or university tutor
  • A youth worker or counsellor
  • Your friends or other family members
  • Support services and helplines such as HOPELINE247.


What do I say?

When reaching out for help, it can be scary to think about what to say or how to say it. Planning what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it can help with this.

  • Speak to an adviser at HOPELINE247 for advice
  • There are also other websites that can help you plan and prepare to talk about your mental health with professionals.


What help is available?

It can be hard to imagine what type of help or support you can access if you are feeling suicidal. HOPELINE247 advisers can help you find support and explore

options with you, as the help available can vary depending on where you live. Support might include:

  • Talking therapies such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Medication
  • Community mental health support
  • Crisis services and sanctuaries
  • Peer support
  • Self-help and online resources
  • Local crisis lines and national helplines For other services that you can contact for help and support see our Resources page
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