Harry Biggs-Davison

Chair of Trustees

Harry was a headteacher of a London school for 26 years before retiring in December 2015, following the death of his 25 year old son, Patrick. He became a trustee of PAPYRUS in 2016.

Sarah Fitchett


Sarah is a Registered General Nurse with 25 years’ experience. She worked as a Neonatal Nurse over the last 17 years prior to moving to The University of Salford where she is now a Neonatal Lecturer within the Midwifery Team.

Sarah became involved with PAPYRUS in 2013 after the loss of her 14-year-old son Ben to suicide.

Helen Denny


Helen lost her older sister Cath to suicide in November 1996 and has been supporting PAPYRUS since early 2000. As part of PAPYRUS Helen aims to help others understand the importance of talking and learning about suicide and highlights the need for people to be trained in suicide prevention.

Phoebe Torrance


Phoebe is a film director, model and influencer.

Phoebe has suffered from mental health illnesses most of her life and lost someone close to her to suicide, after her own personal experience she now endeavours to help those struggling.

She started as a volunteer for PAPYRUS, then to a champion and years later became an ambassador in 2020

Gemma Bowen


Gemma lost her son Alfie to suicide in April 2018 when he was only 14 years of age. Since that time, she has supported the work of PAPYRUS through fundraising, attending events and speaking on television. Gemma is focused on talking openly about suicide prevention so that other families and friends do not go through the same pain of losing a loved one to suicide.

Gemma works as an Associate Ombudsman with the Financial Ombudsman Service which is currently one of PAPYRUS’s fundraising partners.

Andy Airey


Andy lost his daughter Sophie to suicide in 2018and has been a supporter of PAPYRUS since finding them when looking for a charity to support at Sophie’s funeral.

In 2021 Andy was one of 3 Dads Walking; with Tim Owen and Mike Palmer he walked over 300 miles across the country, raising funds for PAPYRUS and encouraging people to talk about suicide prevention.

Andy is particularly interested in getting suicide prevention added to the school curriculum.

Dr Annessa Rebair


Dr Annessa Rebair is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at Northumbria University and has personal experience of suicide. Annessa is particularly interested in compassionate care in nursing and has represented the Royal College of Nurses on the National Suicide Prevention Advisory Group. Annessa has also been instrumental in getting suicide prevention on the curriculum for all pre-registered nurses in the UK.

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