ES – Hearth Talk SP-OT 2

ES – Hearth Talk SP-OT 2
ES – Hearth Talk SP-OT 2

SP-OT – Suicide Prevention – Overview Tutorial

What EVERYONE needs to know

Key Objectives:

  • To understand the prevalence and impact of suicide, particularly in the HK community
  • To consider the attitudes, myths and stigma that surround suicide
  • To explore the challenges when talking openly about suicide
  • To recognise the ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide

Delivery Time: 90 minutes
Delivery Date and Time: 8th November from 15:30PM
Delivery Method: Online

Please sign up for the training by filling in the attached registration form. We encourage you to put in your real details where possible, especially your email, as this will allow us to send you information about the training and the web-link for the session.

We also ask for details of your wellbeing person for safeguarding reasons; in case you drop off the call or need support at any point during the training.

The details you provide will NOT be shared with anyone other than the trainers delivering the session.

However, you are welcome to use an alias if this would make you feel more comfortable and safer. You may also decide to enter your real information on the form but use an alias during the session.

Start Date: 08th November 2023 - 5:15 PM

End Date: 08th November 2023 - 6:45 PM

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