This is a guest piece from one of our incredible PAPYRUS Champions

As I write this piece I have heard of another attempted suicide in my town. The person involved was critically injured and airlifted to hospital. No matter the circumstances, we are all left behind, a cold place inside us and asking the same question; ‘Why?’

I have known friends in the past who have ended their lives. Two were very young at 19, when very sadly they ended their lives together. It was impossible to believe and it took convincing to make it real and fact.

‘They were just not the type.’ Or, ‘they had so much left to give’ and finally the thoughts of how the parents would be hit with this awful news. Another was an old friend who I had been close to years before, and again the same questions, then seeing the devastation to their family.

Like most, if not all of us, I have heard of numerous occurrences of suicide from indirect friends and families. In my volunteer role I have listened to people attempting to end their life. Desperately trying to find a foothold that they can hold on to and just maybe steer the person in a favourable direction.

I want to be involved in getting to that person long before their distress turns into suicidal thoughts. To get involved with PAPYRUS and receive the training which I hope, will enable me to understand deeper, the reasons why people end their lives. Only by understanding can we begin to stem the current numbers of people going down this path.

I know we can reduce suicides in young people. I am certain of that fact, and it is for this reason that I want to help achieve it. I think we must learn to ask ‘How?’ before we ask ‘Why?’
‘How do you feel today, no really how are things?”

If you’re aged 35 and under and are struggling with thoughts of suicide, you can call our free, confidential suicide prevention helpline, HOPELINE247. Call 0800 068 4141, text 88247 or email

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