Share your story

Share your story

Share your story

PAPYRUS believes in the power of sharing stories. Every person’s experience is unique, and by sharing our stories of hope, resilience, and lived experience, we can inspire and support others who may be going through similar challenges. We invite you to join us in creating a community where every voice is heard and where stories of triumph over adversity can shine a light on the path to healing.

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Why share your story?

Sharing your story can be a powerful way to break the silence surrounding suicide. By speaking openly about your journey, you provide a beacon of hope for others who may feel alone, lost, or without a voice. Your story can help individuals see that they are not alone in their struggles and that you can overcome what may currently feel impossible.

Your story matters. It carries the potential to uplift someone’s spirits, offer solace during difficult times, and inspire them to seek help or support. By sharing your experiences, you play an essential role in combating the stigma that often surrounds suicide. Together, we can create a community where conversations about these topics are welcomed, understood, and supported.

How to share your story

We encourage you to submit your story of hope and lived experience by emailing our Communications team at When sharing your story, remember that it is your personal journey, and you have the freedom to express yourself authentically. Whether you’ve overcome your own struggles, supported someone through their journey, or found strength in seeking help, your unique perspective can make a difference.

You may wish to share your story as a blog, or even in video form to feature on our social media channels. Whatever you feel most comfortable with, we’re here to support you through the process.

We are mindful of maintaining brand and content guidelines while sharing stories on our platform. To ensure consistency and sensitivity, we have established specific guidelines that align with our mission and values. For more details on our brand and content guidelines, we’ll be happy to provide you with further information over email when you get in touch.

Here are some guiding questions that might help you craft your story:

What led you to become involved in suicide prevention advocacy?

How did you find hope during challenging times?

What support systems or resources have been helpful in your journey?

What advice would you give to someone who is currently struggling with their mental health or suicidal thoughts?

How has your experience shaped your perspective on suicide prevention and the importance of reaching out for help?

Please note that we prioritise the wellbeing and safety of our community. We encourage you to focus on the hope and recovery aspects of your story rather than specific details of self-harm, method or suicidal behaviours.

By sharing your story with us, you grant permission for PAPYRUS to use your submission for educational and awareness purposes on our website, social media platforms, and other relevant mediums. However, rest assured that we will respect your privacy and can publish your story anonymously if you prefer.

Together, let’s inspire change

By sharing your story with PAPYRUS, you become part of a movement to break down barriers and create a world where young lives are cherished and protected. Your story has the power to touch hearts, change lives, and offer hope to those in need.

Join us in amplifying the voices of resilience and recovery. Share your story today and let your light shine as a beacon of hope for others.

If you or someone you know is in crisis right now, please reach out to our helpline, HOPELINE247 on 0800 068 4141.

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