Schools guide

Schools guide

Building Suicide-Safer Schools and Colleges: A Guide for Teachers and Staff

PAPYRUS has developed a guide to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in schools and colleges, aimed specifically at teachers as well as school or college staff. It aims to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to support schoolchildren who may be having suicidal thoughts.

Our guide uses a ‘community-model’ – supporting the belief that suicide is everyone’s business and that the community must be equipped and supported to prevent young suicide – as well as urging children young people to speak up or ask for help. This underpins our work here at PAPYRUS.

To download our guide, please follow the instructions in the sidebar. 

Have you used our guide? Are there other materials you’d like from PAPYRUS? We’d love to hear from you!

Our #SaveTheClass campaign continues to run and we are keen to hear feedback and see the development of materials to support schools as a key part of this. We have trained a number of school and college staff recently in ASIST; we aim to use their experience as case studies throughout the year.

Please send us your feedback on our guide – we can use it in subsequent stages for our campaign. Drop us an email on with ‘Schools Guide Feedback’ as the subject line. 

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