Our new colour-in Christmas cards and a ‘mindfulness’ colouring book – The Art of a Peaceful Mind – are a novel way to provide calm and wellbeing to your family and friends at this time of year. You’ll also be helping to save young lives. The illustrations are donated by young artists and illustrators at UK colleges and universities.

Our seasonal message to all young people is a gentle reminder to take time to relax in mind, body and spirit, to seek support, and to aim to find peace. Studies have shown that colouring provides similar benefits to meditation, including wellness, relaxation and escapism – all positive contributors to mental wellbeing.

“Taking time to relax and focus on self-care is vital to our mental wellbeing,” said Kelly Thorpe, manager of PAPYRUS HOPELINE247 helpline services. “But for many this becomes a very stressful time of year with shopping, feeling we must please others, as well as the expectation of being the life and soul of the party. Taking time out with a few pens or pencils can be a way to stop, to slow down, to feel much more able to manage difficult thoughts.”

The 24 double-page illustrations in the colouring book demonstrate a range of self-care activities that the young artists use themselves. Included are taking a relaxing bath, reading books, spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. Flowers, birds and animals – even a mermaid – are included.

The Art of a Peaceful Mind and the colour-in Christmas card packs of 8 (2 each of 4 illustrations) are available from our online shop

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