The International Parking Community (IPC) has nominated PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide as its sponsored charity for the 2019 IPC Annual Conference and Gala Dinner.

PAPYRUS will be conducting an awareness session at the conference.

Ged Flynn, Chief Executive of PAPYRUS commented: “It is great that IPC, an organisation that the public would not normally associate with young people’s mental health, is being proactive in its support to our work with young people.

“Huge thanks to IPC for this superb support from its members,” added Ged Flynn. “We rely heavily on our fundraising partners to extend our reach to vulnerable young people and those worried about them.

“We applaud the highly responsible attitude demonstrated by IPC management and are proud to be supporting this initiative. We know only too well that large car parks in particular can be seen as opportunities for vulnerable young people who are struggling between life and death. Intervention is vital to save these lives. Equally important is the wellbeing and resilience of car park staff unwittingly finding themselves in a position to assist.”


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