Last month, Jackie Doyle-Price opened our new London office and committed to working with PAPYRUS as we lead the way in creating a suicide-safer community online.

PAPYRUS has been campaigning for greater safety online since World Suicide Prevention Day, September 2006, when it called on the Government to follow the example set by Australia to outlaw internet use to incite or encourage others to take their own lives, or to provide information on how to die by suicide. Until now, in the UK, threats posed by pro-suicide sites, chat rooms and parts of social media have not been taken seriously enough.

Yesterday, the Minister for Suicide Prevention called for social media platforms to clamp down on internet trolls and harmful content, referring to the internet as the “Wild West”.

In an interview with the Press Association, she added “From my perspective, there should be the same standards of content protection that exist in newspapers and other publications – ultimately they can remove content that causes harm.”

PAPYRUS will continue to work closely with Jackie Doyle-Price to see tougher controls brought in to protect our young people online and fully support the public consultation which is currently underway.

Full article here.

Minister for Suicide Prevention, Jackie Doyle-Price, opening the PAPYRUS London Office last month.


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