Media Enquiries

Media Enquiries

Media enquiries

For comment, interview and case study requests and guidance on reporting young suicide please contact:

Peter Holland

PAPYRUS Press Office

Mobile 07799 863 321


Please note these numbers are not for our helpline. Contact 0800 068 41 41 HOPELINE247 for suicide prevention advice

  • We appreciate the support we receive from journalists and broadcasters, helping to raise awareness that with appropriate support, young suicide can be prevented.
  • We aim to assist your research with comment and advice on a range of aspects including:
  • Young suicide statistics, facts and misconceptions.
  • The impact of young suicide on families and friends left behind.
  • Topical issues such as impact of social media and lifestyle.
  • Suicide risk factors and warning signs.
  • Advice and help provided by our HOPELINE247 national helpline telephone, text and email services.
  • Seasonal impact on young suicidality.
  • Raising awareness and starting the conversation
  • Our campaigns, including online and social media safety, coroners’ Standard of Proof, responsible reporting, smashing stigma.
  • National, regional and local fundraising activity.
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