On the last Thursday of the month throughout June to November 2023, the PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide Leeds team has been dedicated to hosting a ‘suicide prevention market outreach’ event in Leeds’s Kirkgate Market. This initiative aims to raise awareness about suicide prevention, provide valuable resources, and engage with communities to promote our organisation’s suicide prevention services. By actively reaching out and participating in these events, we have brought the conversation around suicide closer to the communities, making them aware that suicide is preventable and educating them on how they can support through sharing PAPYRUS suicide prevention services and resources across Leeds and further afield.
During our suicide prevention market outreach, we have set up booths and information stands presenting free PAPYRUS suicide prevention resources, flyers, call cards, etc., that offer crucial information on various topics, including: how to start a conversation and communicate with young people about suicide, supporting your child who is experiencing suicidal thoughts, information about self-harm and suicide, help with coping with exams, as well as information about anxiety, bereavement, being yourself during change, sexual orientation and gender identity, building suicide-safer schools and colleges, and many other customised resources bearing our free and confidential suicide support helpline, HOPELINE247.
Our community development officers work tirelessly within communities to help raise awareness, not only of PAPYRUS, but the importance of suicide prevention. The Leeds Kirkgate Market Outreach events form just one of many initiates formed to help spread hope and raise awareness. The benefits of our outreach is plentiful; below we have outlines just some of the ways our community teams across the nation make a positive impact:

Engaging with communities

Our organisation understands the importance of connecting with communities on a personal level and in face-to-face settings, enabling people to associate PAPYRUS with a warm and friendly face. We actively engage with attendees during the outreach events, initiating conversations about suicide and the importance of suicide prevention. By offering a listening ear and compassionate guidance, we aim to reduce stigma and encourage open discussion that gives voice to persons with thoughts of suicide to seek support.

Spreading awareness

Raising awareness about suicide prevention is a crucial aspect of our outreach efforts. Being a place of visibility, the market keeps the importance of suicide prevention in the public eye. It also creates an avenue to meet people from diverse organisations and communities. As well as our suicide prevention outreach in Leeds, we collaborate with local businesses, schools, and community organisations to spread the word and encourage participation.

Showcasing our services

We understand the critical importance of reaching out to those in need of support and information about suicide prevention. Events, such as the Leeds suicide prevention market outreach, serve as invaluable platforms for us to connect with individuals who may be struggling or seeking guidance. By creating a safe and welcoming environment, we can openly discuss the topic of suicide prevention, share valuable resources, and offer a supportive network for those who need it most.

Collaboration and partnerships

Through our Leeds suicide prevention outreach events, we’ve found a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded organisations and community groups that share our passion for saving lives. By working together, we can leverage each other’s expertise, resources, and networks to provide comprehensive support to those in need. These partnerships not only enhance our ability to reach a wider audience but also allow us to offer a more holistic approach to suicide prevention, addressing the various challenges and needs that individuals may face. Through the power of collaboration, we aim to create a united front against suicide in Leeds and across the UK, and ensure that no one has to face this battle alone. Together, we can make a significant difference in our community’s wellbeing and mental health.
Suicide prevention requires a collective effort, and our Suicide Prevention Leeds Market Outreach events serve as a platform to engage with communities, raise awareness, and provide vital resources. By holding these events on the last Thursday of every month for six months, we aim to make a lasting impact on individuals with thoughts of suicide. Remember, together, we can create a compassionate and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and understood.
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