Language Line

Language Line

Language Line

What is Language Line?

Language Line is a professional translation and interpretation service which PAPYRUS uses to provide support to all callers who cannot, or prefer not to, speak English.

It provides PAPYRUS with on-demand access to reliably fast, secure, scalable language services that are available night and day, and this is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Language Line covers over 240 different languages, and helps us to break down any communication barriers between us and our service users.


Who can use the service?

Language Line is accessible to everyone, but you must be calling from within the UK, and must be aged 35 or under to access our support from HOPELINE247.

If you need any further information about our service remit, please see our HOPELINE247 FAQs section.


How is this service accessed?

To access Language Line you simply need to call HOPELINE247 on 0800 068 41 41, and state the language that you require.


What should a caller expect when accessing Language Line?

When you have shared your preferred language with a HOPELIN247 adviser, they will then take your name and contact number.

Once they have this information, the adviser will end the call so that they can source a translator for you.

You will receive a call back from a translator as soon as possible, and they should introduce themselves as ‘an interpreter calling on behalf of HOPELINE247’.

They will begin by explaining the service remit to ensure that you understand how the service works.

They will then ask if you’re calling due to experiencing thoughts about suicide.


Language Line is private, confidential, and free to use. This means that none of your information will be shared anywhere, and the call will not be recorded.

We do however have an intervention policy which states that if anyone shares that they’re at immediate risk of harm whilst on the call, that we may need to pass on that information to the emergency services. If you need any further information about our intervention policy, please see our Confidentiality and intervention policy.

When you call, try to keep background noise to a minimum so that the adviser and the interpreter can hear you as clearly as possible without interruptions. We want to provide you with the best support possible, and support you to keep safe from your thoughts of suicide.

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