Inclusive Communities Training Sessions

Inclusive Communities Training Sessions

Here at PAPYRUS we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Inclusive Communities Fund from the Heart of England, to deliver training for those working or living in the West Midlands, particularly individuals in Coventry, Warwickshire, Telford, Shropshire and Walsall. If you are based in those areas and would like to arrange training specifically for your organisation or would be happy to host face-to-face sessions for us before 31st December, please contact

The aim of the training offer is to provide suicide prevention knowledge and skills to the workforce to intervene early and equip them with the skills and knowledge to have supportive conversations around Suicide Prevention. It aims to encourage everyone to work together to support the communities within the West Midlands and each other, to prevent loss of life to suicide.

We have three course available, below are links to provide an understanding of the course objectives to assist you in identifying the right course for you:

SPOT – Suicide Prevention Overview Tutorial. What EVERYONE needs to know. (90 minute training)

The key objectives are:

    • To understand the prevalence and impact of suicide
    • To explore the language, and the challenges, when talking openly about suicide
    • To recognise the ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide
    • To consider how we can all contribute to a suicide safer community.

SPEAK – Suicide Prevention Explore, Ask, Keep-Safe. An introduction to suicide prevention skills (3.5hr training)

The key objectives are:

    • To consider the attitudes, myths, and stigma that surround suicide
    • To recognise and explore the ‘signs’ that may indicate someone is having thoughts of suicide
    • To encourage an open, safe and sensitive conversation about suicide with a person having thoughts of suicide
    • To support a safety plan with someone thinking of suicide.

ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training: A skills building workshop that prepares caregivers to provide suicide first aid interventions (2 day training)

The key objectives  are:

    • To consider personal and societal attitudes to suicide
    • To learn the most widely used suicide prevention model in the world
    • To recognise, and act on, the signs that someone is having thoughts of suicide
    • To seek a shared understanding of the reasons for thoughts of suicide and identify reasons for living
    • To review current risk and develop a joint plan to keep someone safe from suicide, signposting for further help and community resources as needed.

The courses below are free to attend as long as you live or work in the West Midlands. Book your place by visiting the links below:

SPOT DateTimeDelivery MethodBooking Link
01/08/2410am – 11:30amZoomWM: SPOT Inclusive Communities
27/08/2410am – 11:30amZoomWM: SPOT Inclusive Communities 2
04/09/2410am – 11:30amZoomWM: SPOT Inclusive Communities 3
SPEAKDateTimeDelivery MethodBooking Link
 05/08/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities
 08/08/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities 2
 15/08/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities 3
 29/08/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities 4
 06/09/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities 5
 12/09/249:30am – 1pmZoomWM: SPEAK Inclusive Communities 6
ASISTDateTimeLocationBooking Link
 20/08/24 – 21/08/24 9am – 5pm (both days)TelfordWM: ASIST Inclusive Communities

If you’re interested in attending our suicide prevention training but cannot find a suitable session, please contact

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