I'm Feeling Suicidal

I'm Feeling Suicidal

Why do I feel suicidal?

One in four young people may experience thoughts of suicide at any one time – that’s a lot of people.

Anyone can feel suicidal and it can be for any reason.

Many people who contact HOPELINE247 tell us they feel suicidal because they feel isolated and alone; because something has happened which feels too overwhelming; because being alive feels too hard; or maybe because they feel trapped and unable to escape from a situation.

Suicidal thoughts can occur even if life feels like it’s going well. This can lead to feelings of guilt; especially if you compare yourself to others who you imagine have it worse than you.

Some people feel suicidal if they’re dying or if someone they know is dying. Others may feel suicidal if they struggle with chronic pain, physical health problems, mental health problems or spiritual problems.

Life experiences can also lead to feeling suicidal. Abuse, assault, a job loss, money worries, addiction, bullying, bereavement and sexuality worries might be struggles which lead someone to think about suicide.

When we feel like this, or when things happen we feel unable to cope with, suicide can start to feel like the only option to escape. If you are finding it hard to talk to anyone about how you are struggling, or you are feeling hopeless about getting help, thoughts of suicide might be harder to experience.

Struggling with your mental health can also make it more difficult for you to cope with everyday things too, which can leave you feeling even more trapped or hopeless. We want to reassure you that help is available and that with the right help and support you can start to feel more hopeful and in control of your life.

What’s important to know is that whatever the reasons are for you feeling suicidal, your reasons are significant and valid. Whatever it is that is troubling you, it is making you think about dying, therefore you deserve to be listened to and supported.

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