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Thinking of Suicide?

Are you, or is a young person you know, not coping with life? For confidential suicide prevention advice contact HOPELINEUK. We are open 9am–12am (midnight) every day of the year:




The team are busy working behind the scenes to create our best ever HOPEWALK for 2021!

Register your interest below to be kept up to date when HOPEWALK 2021 is launched,

    Thank you so much for your interest in HOPEWALK 2021 - we are excited to welcome you to #TeamPAPYRUS

    • What is a HOPEWALK?

      Everyone’s HOPEWALK will be different with one common goal; to smash the stigma and get the conversation around suicide started.

      Your HOPEWALK can be as big or as small as you’d like – it can be a big event involving your whole school, or a family walk in the park.  You can even do a ‘virtual walk’ on the treadmill. It’s your walk so you can choose how it runs!

    • What is a HOPEWALK host?

      Each HOPEWALK up and down the country is organised by a HOPEWALK Host. Each host pays for their Host Pack and is responsible for organising the walk, inviting people and making sure the walk runs smoothly. Anyone can be a host – we will update you with our new process as soon as we have launched.

    • How much does it cost?

      Sometimes costs vary – the cost for 2021 HOPEWALK has not been decided yet, but this has been £10 in previous years.

    • Do I have to walk in October?

      Most people choose to have their walk take place in October to celebrate World Mental Health Day, but you are more than welcome to walk at another time during the year.

    • I’d like to walk but don’t think I could organise my own.

      Many Hosts choose to make their walk public and have lots of people join from their local area. As public walks are registered they will become available on our website event pageSimply check if there is a walk in your area and get in touch with the fundraising team, who can connect you with that host.

      Please note that this may have to change for HOPEWALK 2021 in accordance with Coronavirus restrictions. We will keep this page updated.

    • What if I am not fundraising?

      Some people choose to use their HOPEWALK to raise funds, others choose to walk in memory of a loved one or to raise awareness. Either is absolutely fine. You can choose to use your HOPEWALK to raise funds, but you absolutely don’t have to – our aim is to get the conversation around suicide started, in order to #SmashTheStigma.

    • What help can PAPYRUS offer me?

      We can help guide you with planning your HOPEWALK, such as how to boost donations or sponsorship. We can also support you with a selection of literature about PAPYRUS, and HOPELINEUK cards and merchandise to make your event stand out.

      Our press office can help advise you on how to promote your event in local media. Additionally we can offer social media support.

      Don’t forget we’re always here to cheer you on so if there’s anything we can help with, just let us know.

    • I have another question, who can I contact?

      If you have another question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the fundraising team on who are more than happy to help.

    • Can I have a selfie-board?

      We have a very limited number of selfie-boards that are used by PAPYRUS staff at events.  You are more than welcome to have your own selfie-board made using this artwork* – we’d love to see any photos you get!


      *please note: you can have a selfie-board made using the approved artwork above. The greyed area in the middle is what you need to have cut out. If you would like to add your own logo, please do send your artwork to for approval, before printing.

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    Thinking of Suicide?