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HOPELINK is PAPYRUS’s digital platform that is helping HOPELINE247 callers to revisit their suicide safety plans, online.

This unique two-way safety plan is simple to set up, secure and will help to save lives. It is also accessible to users 24/7, meaning that there will be support around the clock for anyone using the service.

The first service of its kind in suicide prevention, HOPELINK is led by the user – allowing vulnerable young people to create and revisit their suicide safety plan, helping to keep them safe when they have thoughts of suicide.

HOPELINK allows young people to work confidentially with HOPELINE247’s trained suicide prevention advisers, empowering them to create their own care plans which they can later revisit.

Previously advisers have been able to discuss steps which help to keep someone safe but were unable to send follow-up emails or texts because of confidentiality. Now, callers to the HOPELINE247 service will be able to access their personalised suicide safety plan after their call with our adviser has ended.

Using the HOPELINK service will help to keep young people safe from suicide by acting as a reminder of the safety plan that they’ve talked through with our suicide prevention advisers, and provide a space where vital information and written support services are stored.

HOPELINK is a completely confidential service, our HOPELINE247 advisers do not take any personal details from callers when setting up their personalised account with HOPELINK, they are simply provided with two randomly generated words which will give them access to their safety plan.

If you have received your HOPELINK login details you can find your personalised suicide safety plan here.

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