Collecting for PAPYRUS

Collecting for PAPYRUS

Collecting for PAPYRUS

Using a collection tin or bucket can be a great way to boost your fundraising; from hosting a public bake sale, to leaving a static tin at your hair salon, there are plenty of ways you can use a collection tin.  We have official PAPYRUS branded collection tins, buckets and card boxes that you can use to enhance your fundraising efforts.

Thank you for collecting in aid of PAPYRUS. Your generous support will help raise vital awareness of our life-saving services. This page should help you with your collection tins & buckets.

Please read our Collection Tin Guidelines below before applying for a collection tin as there are regulations you will need to adhere to.

To comply with charity law, there are different legal requirements depending on the type of collection you are planning. For more information please visit

Collection Tin Guidance

You must only use official PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide collection boxes.

PAPYRUS must see written permission from your venue before we can send out collection tins.

All collection boxes must be securely sealed with the seals provided by the charity. If you need any more, please let us know.

All collection boxes must be returned within one month of their final use.

If you believe a collection box has been stolen or interfered with, contact us immediately in writing and report it to your local police.

When collecting money, you must not put undue pressure on people to donate. This includes shaking the collection boxes, or hassling people. You can find the full list of rules here

Street collections

If you’re planning on holding a street collection, you must obtain a licence from your local authority or council. We would suggest you apply least one month before your collection to avoid disappointment. We must see your collection licence before we send out the buckets. If you need any help filling out the relevant documents, please let us know.

Static collections or collections in a private venue

If you’re collecting in a private venue (e.g. a pub or a shop), you must obtain written permission from someone who owns or manages the venue. You must send us proof of this before we send the collection box out. You can find an example of the type of permission letter we require further down this page.  If your venue require a letter of authorisation from the charity, please get in touch as we can organise this for you.

If the collection box is going to be left in a venue, it’s important to check in on it. You should bring along a copy of your authorisation letter and a form of ID (such as a driving licence or passport) to verify your identity.

We would suggest checking every month to make sure the box is still secure and doesn’t need emptying. Make sure you leave your contact details with the box, as well as the contact details you have been given from PAPYRUS. This letter will be valid for either a specific date, or three, six, or twelve months. If you need it extending, please get in touch with the fundraising team.

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Collections in a private venue or static collections require the venue's permission whilst public collections will require the local authorities permission.
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Terms & Conditions

I confirm that I must gain permission from the venue if collecting on private premises, or permission from the local authority if collecting in a public place, and will provide this to the fundraising team:*
Example of written permission letter or email:

We (venue name) are happy to host a sealed collection tin for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide. The contact for this is (your name) and we agree to get in touch with (name) or PAPYRUS if there are any issues with the collection tins.

We also ask all of our collectors to read through our Terms and Conditions. Please confirm you have read and agree to the terms and conditions:*
Terms and Conditions can be found here

Keeping in Touch

PAPYRUS would love to stay in touch and keep you up to date with our activities, please complete your preferred options below telling us how we can communicate with you.

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