Friends come in all different forms. What a friend looks like to someone may be completely different to someone else. Here at PAPYRUS we asked what a best friend is to some of our staff.

  • “Someone who can make you laugh by just looking at you”
  • “Someone you can binge watch your favourite TV show with”
  • “Someone who has got your back no matter what”
  • “The person you can call at 3am when you need to talk or just want a gossip”
  • “For me, a best friend is someone who will tell you your eyeliner is wonky – you need that kind of honesty”
  • “They know all your cringey moments and still want to be your friend”

For others a best friend is someone who is thoughtful and understanding; someone who accepts you as you are and who you enjoy being around. A lot goes into cultivating a great friendship because the bond is often built from continual acts of cooperation, kindness and support. What is your best friend to you?

Today is a day to celebrate our friendships; the comfort, the laughs, the shared interests. It reminds us to cherish these relationships and recognise how much we give to, and gain from, our closest friends. It is also a time to remember that we have a lot to offer others.

Sometimes friendships can change – perhaps one of us has moved away, working or studying somewhere else. We can also become distant if over time we have grown apart or if the relationship has become unbalanced. This can take a toll on friendships causing us to feel lonely because we do not feel understood or cared for by the people we have contact with. Loneliness is not just about how many people we have around us, but also the quality of those relationships.

Although this may seem hard at the time, it will change. It is important to remember we can be our own best friend. So be kind to yourself, think about what you need and don’t feel bad about putting yourself first sometimes. One good technique when you are struggling is to think of all the good advice you might give to a friend in the same situation – instead offer it to yourself.

Friends can help us create amazing memories, laugh, cry and also feel comforted. Take a moment today to remember the memories you have had with your friends; hopefully they make you smile as much as our memories do, even if it’s just belting out your favourite song with them…

The theme for the 2019 Youmanity Photography competition was ‘Friend-Ship’ for which photographers worldwide were invited to submit images that celebrated family and friends in an effort to fight social isolation and help prevent suicide. With suicide prevention at the core of the year’s competition PAPYRUS were invited to judge the entries.

Debdatta Chakraborty won the 2019 Youmanity Photography Award competition for reporting on the ‘Sheroes Hangout’ cafe managed by acid attack victims in Agra, India. In his winning shot (pictured below) Chakraborty portrays Dolly and Bala, who, within the safety of the cafe, don’t have to hide their faces to form important friendships.


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