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    Hi guys,this lockdown wasnt easy for me. I have lost my work, I was getting a lack of money due to these circumstances, so I immediately started researching for some money for my wallet and family.
    Also I tried to do something with crypto and I can`t say nothing good about this, if you have no huge amount of money you will just lose yourz.
    Then I gone for digital gaming and my first try in it was a failure shot from me, but in two weeks from the day when I got familiarized with that page with best opportunities – and I was already taking money from it! After 2 months of playing I found a job and quit gaming…
    What a letter from god it was


    Hi Nackerman, I honestly don’t really believe in this kind of earning, I’ve only tried playing free games which helped me get a little distracted. I had a drinking problem and no desire to wake up in the morning at all. The questions came up: why should I live at all? Wouldn’t the world be better off without me? Sometimes it felt like I was on the edge. But thanks to my family and friends, things had become stable (I think). Suicidal thoughts don’t come around as often anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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