Making Families Count

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Making Families Count

Postby papyrus » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:12 pm


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Re: Making Families Count

Postby Stephen.habgood » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:08 pm

Making Families Count is a project which was established under the leadership of Julie Kerry in NHS South of England.
She brought together a group of people who had experienced the death of a loved one and who were angry about the way the NHS had failed to properly investigate the circumstances, and therefore failed to learn from the event.
The group included myself, having lost my son Christopher to suicide in 2009, and others who had lost parents through homicide or children through a failure of the NHS to provide proper care. In the case of homicide it include Len Hodkin whose mum was murdered in the street by a recently discharged psychiatric patent and Barbara Venner whose bother was murdered by his flat mate. It include Rosie Reed who lost her very young son due to a failure to provide proper care in the home where he lived.
The group of us had a series of films made which tell our stories (all of which are available online) and we deliver workshops to NHS managers to impress on them the importance of having family involvement throughout the investigation process and to learn from the deaths that are investigated.
I would be interested to hear from members who may have had investigations following the loss of someone close to them and to know how the investigation was for them. If they were involved and if the outcome for them was satisfactory.

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