Results Day is fast approaching and for some it’s a really exciting time – the first step in the next chapter of their lives. For others, Results Day can feel like the day they wish would never arrive. Throughout school and college we hear a lot about how important our results are for the rest of our lives, and sometimes this can feel like a lot of pressure. This can feel even tougher when we feel that everyone around us seems to be doing really well – whether that’s true or not.

In all the hype leading up to Results Day it’s really important not to lose sight of your own personal goals. Your results are for you and no one else. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to get to? What’s important in your life? Recognising what our goals are helps us to avoid comparing ourselves to others. An important goal for someone else might not actually be something that you want – and that’s OK! It’s OK for us all to be at levels and stages that are not the same as each other. We are all unique and our paths through life are different.

Always remember – the best thing about you is you. Your results do not make you who you are. Whether you get the results you want or the results you weren’t hoping for, there are lots of other things that make you a valuable and important person. What are your skills? What are your interests? What would the people who care about you say you’re good at?

Whatever your results are this Results Day, life is full of opportunities for you to achieve. This might be heading off to college or university, it might be resitting an exam or year, or it might be doing something completely different to education altogether! The best kept secret in education is that you will always have another chance, and Results Day is not your last opportunity to do well.

Sometimes, the pressure of exam results and the worries we have might cause us to struggle with how we feel about ourselves and the future. Reaching out for support is the bravest and most important thing you could ever do. You come first, and looking after yourself and your wellbeing is important. If you ever find yourself experiencing thoughts of suicide, or you’re worried about someone who might be, get in touch with HOPELINE247 on 0800 068 4141, text ‘HOPE’ to 88247 or email

Opening hours:

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including bank holidays.

From PAPYRUS, we want to wish you the best of luck for Results Day. You should be really proud of all of the work you’ve completed in your exams/course so far.

Our suicide prevention advisrs are here for you. If you need support give us a call.

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