PAPYRUS launches Bedtime Stories campaign with hard-hitting film to mark World Safer Internet Day on 6 February 2018.

Children as young as nine are seeking help with thoughts of suicide, because they are targets of online bullying. 30-40 percent of 11-18 year olds contacting our HOPELINE247 helpline team are talking about cyberbullying, with the dominant theme that there is no escape from it.

I wish I wasn’t here, everyone is saying nasty things about my picture on Facebook, people are telling me the truth about what they think of me on social media and that they want me to die, I think I want to die too, are examples of what our HOPELINE247 team hears every day.

“Social media can be a hugely positive influence in young people’s lives, but it is timely to remind parents about the more sinister aspects of some of our children’s digital activity and, sadly, what they are saying to each other online,” said Ged Flynn, PAPYRUS chief executive. “Children and young people tell us daily that they feel the bullying behaviour they experience will never stop, so often they feel that they may as well be dead. In short, cyberbullying can kill. Among the 11-18 year olds who contact HOPELINE247, it is often school friends who bully them online. For many, a change of school has little impact as the bullying continues from their previous set of peers.”

The majority of younger callers are female. A noticeable theme among males over 18 years is bullying from female ex-partners. Older callers are also struggling with themes around cyberbullying.

Bedtime stories

This new film is part of our year-long campaign to Save The #ClassOf2018 – click here to find out more. The message through this film is to say to parents ‘a better internet starts with you’ and to encourage them to ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’ by engaging with their children in a conversation about their online activity.

More on World Safer Internet Day 2018 here.

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