Bedtime Stories Chapter Two

Bedtime Stories Chapter Two

About Bedtime Stories Chapter Two

Bedtime Stories Chapter Two is PAPYRUS’s campaign helping protect children from the nightmare of cyberbullying and harmful online content, by alerting parents and carers of the types of things their children could be accessing on the internet.

Following on from the hard-hitting Bedtime Stories campaign, launched by PAPYRUS in 2018, Bedtime Stories Chapter Two invites us to cosy up with four famous faces, as they read us a bedtime story – with a twist… These stories – each narrated by a different celebrity – detail the dangers of the online world and online bullying, and act as a reminder to parents and those with young children in their lives, that PAPYRUS is here for them.

The films – which have been produced by the award-winning agency, TBWA Manchester – raise awareness of the dangerous side to the internet, and address the themes of online bullying, harmful online content, and internet trolling.

The four films share the same backdrop; a welcoming and seemingly safe bedroom. Each story begins softly but these are bedtime stories with a twist; dark tales which warn of hidden dangers.

PAPYRUS – which has worked alongside Facebook and Instagram on online safety in the past – is calling for greater awareness of the dangers children and young people face in our increasingly digital world.

From calls to our suicide prevention helpline, HOPELINE247, we know that bullying can cause many young people to feel isolated, worthless, and experience thoughts of suicide. For many, it can seem like there is no escape, that the bullying will never stop or go away, and that everyone would be ‘better off’ without them. Other contributing factors may make it harder for them to stay alive – battles with diagnosed anxiety and depression, or hearing negative voices that echo the comments made on social media.

“We need everyone to be aware of the impact online bullying and harmful content can have on the mental health of children and young people,” says Ged Flynn, Chief Executive of PAPYRUS.

“It affects [young people] in many different ways. It can impact on their self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and can cause them to feel isolated and worthless.

“Some vulnerable young people spiral into self-deprecation and self-loathing which can ultimately lead to suicidal behaviours.”

“Parents and caregivers do well to engage with their young people in terms of what they are doing online, give support and reassure them that they are safe and protected.”

Bedtime Story: Annabel and the Trolls, read by Michael Sheen

Bedtime Story: Rachel and the Rabbit Hole, read by Julie Hesmondhalgh

Bedtime Story: Benji and the Keyboard Warrior, read by Anton Danyluk

Bedtime Story: Harry and the Haters, read by Carrie Hope Fletcher


Support with suicidal thoughts

If bullying is leading to thoughts or feelings of suicide, or you have concerns that a friend or family member is having thoughts of suicide, contact HOPELINE247 by phone, text or email and talk to our suicide prevention advisers in confidence. Our advisers can provide short-term advice and support around staying safe from suicide, help you to work on a plan to keep safe for now, and look at ways to manage and cope with suicidal thoughts.

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