In the spirit of celebrating diversity and inclusivity on this European Day of Languages, we are thrilled to share an exciting development that embraces the rich tapestry of languages and accessibility needs within our digital world.  

Last month, we launched Recite Me‘s assistive toolbar on the PAPYRUS website. This innovative addition allows our website users to personalise their experience, ensuring the website caters to their unique accessibility requirements. The toolbar sits in the top right-hand corner of the website, you can access it by clicking the “Accessibility and Language Tools” purple button. 

We are delighted to work alongside Recite Me in the accessibility landscape and break down barriers for those with a disability, learning difficulty, visual impairment, or who speak English as a second language.  

The importance of assistive technology 

For many of us, it is hard to imagine a world where billions of information and services are not accessible with a few swipes of your phone. However, 20% of the world’s population – and 15% of UK citizens – experience some form of disability that may cause them functional difficulties that affect their day-to-day lives, including when accessing the internet. The Recite Me accessibility and language tools equip website visitors with a range of customisable tools which works across all devices, giving everyone the opportunity to use the internet the way that it is intended. 

As we outline the many capabilities of the new toolbar, we will discover how it not only bridges language gaps but also paves the way for a more inclusive online experience for all. 

The power of language translation

One of the standout features of the Recite Me toolbar is its remarkable language translation capabilities. In our diverse and multicultural society, breaking down language barriers is essential. We understand this and have ensured that PAPYRUS website users can effortlessly translate all our content into over 100 languages, ultimately making our resources accessible to an even broader audience. 

Enhancing accessibility through screen readers

Accessibility isn’t just about language; it’s also about ensuring that people with various needs can access information seamlessly. Our new assistive toolbar offers screen reader capabilities in multiple languages, removing obstacles for those with visual impairments.  

Tailoring text and layout

The toolbar also allows people to customise text spacing and text size. This functionality caters to those with visual impairments or neurodivergent conditions such as dyslexia, making it easier for them to read and comprehend the content. Website users can also personalise the text and background colours to enhance the readability and comfort of the website to their liking. 

Dyslexia-friendly font

Understanding that some people may have specific font preferences, the toolbar offers a range of font options, including a dyslexia-friendly font. This thoughtful addition ensures that the website is not only accessible but also user-friendly for anyone with dyslexia. 

Enhancing focus and comprehension

The toolbar also includes features such as rulers, guides, and screen mask mode, which are designed to help our supporters maintain focus and improve comprehension while navigating the website. These tools can be invaluable for those with attention-related challenges. 

Aiding comprehension with a dictionary

To assist website visitors in understanding content, the toolbar provides access to an integrated dictionary. This feature can be immensely helpful for anyone encountering unfamiliar terms or concepts while exploring our resources. 

Zooming in with a magnifying glass

Sometimes, people need to magnify specific portions of a webpage for better readability. The magnifying glass feature in the toolbar allows our website visitors to zoom in on content, ensuring that no detail is missed. 

Streamlining for simplicity

For those who prefer simplicity, the toolbar offers an option to transform the website into a text-only format. This streamlined version ensures that people can focus on the information without any distractions. 

A step towards inclusivity

Our new assistive toolbar marks a significant step towards ensuring that our website is fully customisable to meet each of our website visitor’s needs and preferences. By offering a comprehensive set of tools and features, we aim not only to break down digital accessibility barriers, but also send a powerful message of inclusivity and support to all across the nation. 

If you need any assistance in using the toolbar, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 

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