The news coming out of Ukraine is especially difficult at the moment. And we want to speak directly to children and young people who might be feeling anxious, overwhelmed and scared about what they’re seeing on the news and across social media.

Whilst there are other wars that are taking place around the world as we speak – the rolling news coverage of the conflict in Ukraine makes this war seem prevalent.

Whether you’re worried about friends or family in Ukraine, or you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed with the talk of war and violence – these feelings are normal.

It’s important when we are feeling anxious that we take moments for ourselves and try to find space to rest and play. And not to feel guilty when we do so.

We need to look at the things that we can control and focus on them during times of uncertainty. It’s also important that we don’t watch every news item – whilst rolling news coverage can be helpful; it can affect our mood and make us feel helpless, anxious and uneasy.

As young people, you teach us all so much about hope, and give us all much to be thankful for. If you are worried about what you’re seeing on the news, please talk to somebody that you trust.

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